Some of Our Ingredients

Depending on the needs of our skin, NaturSwiss has formulated a wide range of products with different combinations of raw materials. From natural ingredients from organic farming, to the more sophisticated, which, when combined and used with advanced technology, we can satisfy all of our skin’s needs, regardless of skin type in all cases.

A polysaccharide found in its natural form in the dermis and is one of the protagonists of the skin’s turgor. It allows for the tri-dimensional organisation of the extracellular matrix components. It contains strong moisturising properties as it is capable of retaining great quantities of water, keeping skin hydrated and increasing the volume of skin tissue in facial creases and folds which help to reduce wrinkles.

Lipoaminoacid glycine biovector, one of the major constituents of dermal structural proteins. It contains purifying properties, regulates sebum, restructures the acid mantle of the skin and protects against external aggressions. It limits the production of oily sebum in oily skin and acts on acne-producing germs.

Rich in vitamin E, AGE and is unsaponifiable. Protective, emollient and softening, it improves skin elasticity and deeply restores and hydrates. It is extracted from the fruit of the shea tree. It covers the body with an invisible film protecting it and preventing dehydration. For aging skin it combats dryness, returning it to its natural suppleness.

Astringent, purifier, activates circulation, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, strengthens blood capillaries.

With anti-irritant, softening and protective properties, it improves healing and scarring and stimulates skin defences.

Bio Argan oil: rich in vitamin E, EFAs (essential fatty acids) unsaponifiable, protective, emollient, regenerative, highly nutritious, anti-free radical and absorbs rapidly.

This vitamin is recognised for its high antioxidant power and anti-free radicals. It is essential in the collagen and elastic fibres in the connective tissue that provide skin suppleness and firmness.

Due to its significant lentopodium acid content, Edelweiss Eco is highly recommendable and useful for cosmetic products with antioxidant and anti-aging actions, whether for the face or the body. It is also highly suitable for sunscreen products.

A blend of 5 oglio elements (magnesium, copper, silicon, zinc and iron), essential in thousands of biochemical reactions that take place in the cells within our body and promotes cell metabolism. A complex protein-mineral obtained by a bioengineering process which allows for easy absorption by the cells. This complex combines the 5 minerals in a ratio that our body can use more easily.

Organic Floral Elderflower water: Rich in flavonoids (antioxidants). It calms, relaxes, tones and has anti-inflammatory properties.

A natural antioxidant rich in EFAS (essential fatty acids), it maintains the integrity of the skin mantle. Rich in vitamin E.

Rich in anti-aging and anti-oxidant vitamins (C), minerals and AHAS, it promotes cell renewal.