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With only 7 products in its inception to more than 40 today, NaturSwiss has become a cosmetic that has grown over the time and has adapted to the needs of all our customers. This has been possible by dedication and enthusiasm to advance day by day.

The NaturSwiss brand was created 12 years ago and the objective was clear, to create a range of high-end cosmetic products adapted and available to everyone, respecting the environment and conserving the resources of our planet.

It all started in a small and familiar beauty centre, where day by day we could listen and understand the concerns of our clients, not only in how they looked, also in how they felt. Their skin reflected their feelings.

Clients have a primary role in the evolution of our company and are part of who we are now.

nuestra historia 2From there the idea of creating NaturSwiss was born, a range of cosmetic products, not only committed to you, but also to the environment. A cosmetic that finds the balance between what the human being wants and what the planet needs.

Born from Swiss nature, the Edelweiss flower became the first and main ingredient of our products. Known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that, together with other natural ingredients primarily from organic farming, make this cosmetic suitable even for problem skin with allergies, dermatitis ...

  • 2000

  • 2008

  • 2012

  • 2016

  • 2020

The doors of our beauty center opens.

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The NaturSwiss brand is generated. Initial launch of 7 products.

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A new image is created and NaturSwiss expands internationally.

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Expanding the range with more than 40 products.


A new Restyiling of the brand is made. A new Vegan line is generated, adapting it to current times. The option of online shopping is expanded with new rates, giving our customers the option to enjoy all our products.






NaturSwiss is more than a trend, it is a new cosmetic proposal for the future, an alternative to conventional cosmetics with numerous advantages.