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Snail extract is regenerative, it prevents and eliminates burns, scars and acne marking.
It slows down the skin’s aging process.

Dragon's Blood Cream

A facial cream with a base of Helix Aspersa Müller snail secretion with hydrating, regenerative and protecting properties.

Sales price: 55,00 €

Snail Concentrated Serum

A silk-textured facial serum with a blend of Aloe Vera extract and snail secretion extract.

Sales price: 50,00 €

Snail Secretion Eye Contour

Cream that combines organic extracts with snail extract.

Sales price: 42,00 €

Micellar Water

A cleansing water, with calendula flower, elderberry and snail secretion extract, leaving the face free from impurities.

Sales price: 26,00 €

Snail Secretion Cream

A smooth-textured and rapidly absorbed body emulsion, formulated with a combination of organic extracts.

Sales price: 55,00 €
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